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Short Clan Bio
Established in November of 2011, DOME is an Xbox community that consists of gamers that are interested in playing the Call of Duty series at a competitive level. If you would like to join the clan, please click on the Recruitment tab and fill out an application. For more information, check out our social media sites or leave a question/comment for us by clicking on the Contact Us tab.

- DOME Adrenalin, DOME Earlz, & FemaleAssassins
Clan Wars Update

As you guys know, we have officially retired from clan wars. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has participated in a cw and made this clan what it is today. I'm proud of everyone and what we have accomplished in Ghost. Keep up the awesome job and lets get geared up for Advanced Warfare! :)

Link to both clan roster's

We are currently accepting members to join the clan, ask FemaleAssassins, DOME Adrenalin, or DOME Earlz to extend them an invite. Currently, the minimum KD requirement for joining the main clan roster is a 1.25 KD. If willing to be extremely active and dedicated, you may be considered for our competitive division, Straight 2 The DOME (S2TD). Must have a KD above a 1.5 to be in S2TD. Also, be sure to remind all members to register on the clan website.
Clan Wall
[DOME] FemaleAssassinsFinally done with #2 :d
Call of Duty Throw Knife Montage 2
Its Double XP weekend and with everyone resetting their stat...
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[DOME] VvReKLeZzTo all clan members I would like to set up some times that 4 or 5 of us could get together & do some pub stomping in search of good players we can try to recruit. Lets set something up get out on the game look good & stir interest.
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[DOME] FemaleAssassins   I can be on early around 4/5 central but the other members are usually on later
[DOME] VvReKLeZz   Today my lil boys left to be with their mom for the school yr, I will have a great deal of time on my hands now. Im available most days throughout the day & evening also. Im on Twitter @VvReKLeZz & can be reached regularly there anytime a spot is available on ghosts 360 or x1 mw3, bo2 mw2 hit me up & if i can be on I will.
DOME iNsaNiity   I can play whenever this week then next week my classes start and most of them are in the afternoon
[DOME] VvReKLeZzwe have a party of 3 mobbin dom if anyone else wants to play x1 with us lemme know
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[DOME] FemaleAssassins   Got to work :(
[DOME] VvReKLeZz   Another time Sy (:
[DOME] NVRendingLEGEND   I'll be on in a little bit
[DOME] VvReKLeZzPlease give our 3 newest members: xXx E Flo xXx, II Speedy II, xII DaVinci IIx a welcome.
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[DOME] xiidavinciiix   What up Clan Dome members!!!
[DOME] Speedy   Hey guys
[DOME] x SmokeyStee x   Yes, welcome to the clan new members. add me too if you want.
[DOME] x SmokeyStee xSooooo im not sure which console to buy. a new 360 or a xbox one for advanced warfare. Any thoughts? If I buy a one will I be all alone? is S2TD going to be on 360 or one????? lol
[DOME] FemaleAssassins   Why don't u just wait and get the aw bundle? I'm not sure if we should start aw with 1 or 2 rosters since I'm sure there will be inactives or members who do not want to be in the competitive clan.
[DOME] AlienCreation   Everyone is leaving me and going to the x1
XxxEmmettxxXxx   ill have both
XxxEmmettxxXxxSo i still dont have my faces or my body unlocks for my Gear. I'm super saddened by this gayness
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[DOME] Your Hero Guy   Warcry makes you too bright anyway. It makes you a lot easier to spot in dark areas.
[DOME] FemaleAssassins   Sorry emmet I was hoping you would respond to my messages about what u were missing right away but u it was a while before u got back to me so Felix never responded back. I can try again but it's been over a month since he asked about what u were missing he might not remember he owes me.
XxxEmmettxxXxx   its alright babe no worries. We are about to start wrecking shop on AW so its all good. i havent been able to play much as of late due to the fact i have Two 40+ hour a week jobs. but ill be good for AW in november. you dont have to worry about it unless you just want to run it by him
[DOME] FemaleAssassinsHad fun with u guys tonight. We should get together more often. Sorry I was afk when Adrenalin and Reklezz left so I didnt get to say goodnight.
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[DOME] Adrenalin   Brings back memories of the clan getting together and destroying smucks in league play! Love playing with everyone :) I think I'll be playing BO2 more at night; I had a great time last night with the clan
[DOME] VvReKLeZz   That was a good time thx, we should definitely get together, keep the activity & fun up!
[DOME] AdrenalinIf anyone is interested in getting a lobby going Saturday night I should be on around 10pm eastern time! I'm down to play anything, XB1 or 360 works for me. Maybe we could get some League Play going in BO2 like old times! Haven't played that game in forever
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[DOME] FemaleAssassins   I should be free Sat night :)
[DOME] VvReKLeZz   I should be able to get on also x1 or 360.
[DOME] NVRendingLEGEND   I'm down if I'm home :) 360 only for me. Lol hopefully see you guys on!!!
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