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Short Clan Bio
Formed in November of 2011, DOME is an Xbox Clan based primarily in the United States that plays the most current Call of Duty game. The clan competes online in Clan Wars and in other tournaments. We are always looking for active gamers to join our community; if interested in becoming a member please click on the recruitment tab above.
We are currently sponsored by Viking360 Controllers and Gamer's Option. For a discount on gear, visit and use the discount code "DOME" at check out.

Thanks for checking us out,
DOME Adrenalin & FemaleAssassins
Looking to really get the clan back on top like in our MW3/BO2 days! With that being said we need some major reorganizing and help for Advanced Warfare. We need help with our social media (with the exception of twitter). Things need more activity – if someone wants to take over our Facebook page, Youtube channel, or Instagram let me know. You don’t have to take over all three…but if you want to be in charge of something general requirements are just to keep the site active. Do a post every other day or so and just try to get other gamers involved in what we are doing as a clan.

I have been posting up some recruitment messages on Xbox forums stressing the need for more dedicated players that are willing to constantly interact with the clan for the start of Advanced Warfare. We need more players to help get our name out there. I want to have a couple of real competitive teams that can put the DOME name out there on the competitive scene – I want to get the clan/community involved in LAN events and online tournaments. If you have friends or relatives interested in joining a clan, point them in our direction. We can grow our community size even if the person isn't interested in being really competitive. Simply trying to bring more people together so there are always a few people online to pub stomp with.

With that semi-long rant, I am basically reaching out to those in the clan asking for people to take on more responsibility. Help the clan grow a bit more and help us get back on the map for Advanced Warfare. I do not want to settle for having a mediocre clan, we have some really talented players and I think we can go far together. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts please share them either on the clan wall or send me a message on the clan site.
DOME Adrenalin
The phone application "Line" can be downloaded onto most smart phones (iPhones, Androids, etc). This application allows you to send text messages to people within a group without giving away your actual phone number. By having clan members join the clan's group chat on Line, we will be able to communicate easier with one another and form parties real quickly on Xbox! The group is called DOME. Once you make an account, add FemaleAssassin (not FemaleAssassins) as a friend so we can add you to the group!
Clan Wall
[DOME] DOME NoMercyy
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[DOME] AlienCreation   It's funny, but I don't get it.
[DOME] AdrenalinFollow me on twitter guys! @DOME_Adrenalin
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[DOME] FemaleAssassins   Can't find u can u follow me instead and the clan @FemaleAssassins & @Clan_DOME THX
[DOME] Adrenalin   Just goes to show you how much I know twitter. This is my profile page: [link]
[DOME] x SmokeyStee x   I dont have a twitter account. but i will make one this weekend.
[DOME] FemaleAssassinsHi guys, I've really been thinking about starting up a competitive team since no one is willing to do it but I'm so busy right now, been working 50+ hours a week. If i do I will need someone to be in charge of the pub side. Please let me know if you are interested.
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[DOME] x SmokeyStee x   40 hours for me is hard enough from 6am-2:30pm mon-friday. after work I can join ya on some games.
[DOME] DOME NoMercyy   are you trying to be on the team female ?
[DOME] Your Hero Guy   I would do it but I don't know my schedule past January yet.
[DOME] AdrenalinAnyone know of good gaming forums/chatrooms to post up recruitment messages? Really would like to get some more dedicated people joining the clan....I posted up a recruitment message on se7ensins but apparently you aren't supposed to adverstize with another website (ours) in the subject line - I got banned for a little while haha
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[DOME] Adrenalin   Just sent you a message
[DOME] AlienCreation   Reddit
[DOME] Your Hero Guy   Since AW is coming soon, I'll start up recruiting decent players on Ghosts again until AW starts.
[DOME] FemaleAssassinsMore amazing work by Lyfe Style GFX. Let me know if you would like anything done from him. He is offering our clan a discount for his work :sick:
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[DOME] AlienCreation   You've also abandoned GroupMe lol.
[DOME] FemaleAssassins   Cuz no one would talk
[DOME] AlienCreation   I would of, but I stopped too for the same reason you said.
[DOME] AdrenalinOK, just got a follow up email from Gamer's Option. On top of the 10% discount on all products, everyone in the clan is entitled to the company's 100% controller guarantee program: "The way this works is that anyone who is part of your clan can send their controller to us and we will replace joysticks, sticky buttons, whatever is needed to bring is back to new working order as long as it doesn’t include any type of repairs or anything like that with the circuit board. They can do that as often as they’d like." - straight from the sales representative.
Not sure if this program is free or not...but you could inquire if you have controller issues I suppose.
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[DOME] AlienCreation   I would believe so
[DOME] Adrenalin   I'm really not sure if it has to be a controller you bought from them...I'd assume yes, but it doesn't hurt to ask. There have a contact us tab on their website. You should ask them Female :sick: I don't want to keep bothering the sales rep haha
[DOME] FemaleAssassins   k thx. I contacted Joe about putting in a good word for us for Imagine customs but he hasnt responded soooo I assume he could care less and so far I have not gotten an email back about sponsorship so I will try to get in contact with someone thru facebook or twitter since they seem to be active on both those sites
[DOME] DOME NoMercyy
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[DOME] xSycoSquirrelWho's got an Xbox one ???
[DOME] FemaleAssassins   ME!!!! :sick:
[DOME] xSycoSquirrel   yeah be playing it loads when AW comes out :sick:
[DOME] SnowSniper14   My parents said I can get an xbox one if I get into Stanford, so we'll see what happens :sick:
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