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Short Clan Bio
Established in November of 2011, DOME is an Xbox community that consists of gamers that are interested in playing the Call of Duty series at a competitive level. If you would like to join the clan, please click on the Recruitment tab and fill out an application. For more information, check out our social media sites or leave a question/comment for us by clicking on the Contact Us tab.

- DOME Adrenalin, DOME Earlz, & FemaleAssassins
Clan Wars Update

As you guys know, we have officially retired from clan wars. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has participated in a cw and made this clan what it is today. I'm proud of everyone and what we have accomplished in Ghost. Keep up the awesome job and lets get geared up for Advanced Warfare! :)

Link to both clan roster's

We are currently accepting members to join the clan, ask FemaleAssassins, DOME Adrenalin, or DOME Earlz to extend them an invite. Currently, the minimum KD requirement for joining the main clan roster is a 1.25 KD. If willing to be extremely active and dedicated, you may be considered for our competitive division, Straight 2 The DOME (S2TD). Must have a KD above a 1.5 to be in S2TD. Also, be sure to remind all members to register on the clan website.
Clan Wall
[DOME] AdrenalinDo people plan on getting Halo: Master Chief Collection? I can't wait to play Halo 2 on the next-gen console. That is the game that got me hooked on Xbox and Live
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[DOME] FemaleAssassins   I haven't even pre ordered anything for me yet! I better get my butt moving. I LOVE Halo 3 but I haven't played it consistently in so long I know I will be horrible at it!
[DOME] FemaleAssassinsThe final Battly Royale is this weekend, GBR has asked if we have 4 members willing to play with them so they can get the number they need for their bracket. Plz let me know ASAP if u can play. I will be playing if I don't work. Thanks!!!
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[DOME] FemaleAssassins   Need 1 more
[DOME] NVRendingLEGEND   I would but I'm back to the work grind :(
[DOME] FemaleAssassins   :( they are offering an early unlock for your first armor in clan wars if u win top 3 in BR :) I still need one more ;)
[DOME] AdrenalinI like this idea and the thing looks pretty cool, but it is WAY overpriced haha.
Xbook One is Microsoft's console in laptop form
While Nintendo has its 3DS and Sony has its PlayStation Vita to please gamers on the go, Microsoft stands alone as the only major competitor in the modern games industry without a ...
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[DOME] FemaleAssassins   They have a lot of work to do if they actually want it to work right. Lol
[DOME] DOME NoMercyy   lol
[DOME] Nrobinson317To everyone in the clan. I am both sad and happy to say that my next gen purchase is a PS4. Happy because the PS4 is a far better system in every way. Sad because I will not be playing with most of you anymore. Female or Adrenalin, is there a DOME CLAN for the PS4.?
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[DOME] NVRendingLEGEND   I'm gonna get both a Xbox one and ps4 so I'll probably see you on sometime soon :) first am Xbox one though! Stay in touch!
[DOME] DOME NoMercyy   just wanted to say FUCK THE PS4
[DOME] Your Hero Guy   PS4 may be a more powerful system but there's no exclusive games for the PS4 that I want to play compared to the One.
[DOME] AlienCreationThe more and more I see that commercial where they talk about giving away Super Bowl tickets to one person and to one group, the more I keep thinking about how cool it would be if the Clan won the group tickets and we all, most likely excluding the younger ones, got to go. I don't know, but I just thought that it would be a unique and fun experience, but it'll never happen :/.
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[DOME] Adrenalin   That would be awesome to meet the clan in real life. This is why we need a big time competitive team to go to LAN events and stuff
[DOME] DOME NoMercyy   I know adrenalin we need a comp team badly. Lets get a team house ;)
[DOME] FemaleAssassins   Speedy is new but hes been talking about starting a team up. unfortunately he's only on the one so u guys better save up to get the one!
[DOME] FemaleAssassinsBeen soooooooo busy haven't even had a chance to turn my xbox on!!! Maybe this weekend :(
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[DOME] FemaleAssassins   Its starting to get cold guys, we need someone to make new clothing for us so I can order some stuff to wear ;)
[DOME] DOME NoMercyy   we need a hoody yes? someone make us a hoody!
[DOME] AdrenalinAnyone interested in starting a League Play team on BO2? I'd like to be able to play every night or almost every night with the team! I generally get on around 9:30/10pm eastern time and get off around 11pm. If this works for you and you want to play let me know. If we have four people we can do go into champion, if more people are interested we can just mess around with the moshpit series
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[DOME] Your Hero Guy   Summer's over so the Army has me waking up at 5:30 AM again. :(
[DOME] DOME NoMercyy   Thinking about joining the army :)
[DOME] Your Hero Guy   If you have a choice, you should definitely go Air Force instead. They have a much better standard of living than the other branches.
[DOME] DOME NoMercyy   at least your loyal to your team
[DOME] FemaleAssassins   I didn't get to watch the game, had to work. Did Wilson throw any touch ceptions his game?
[DOME] AlienCreation   Honestly I don't remember, there may have been a couple of times where he may have or came close to throwing one.
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